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Vagabond X, the coolest bike and cargo basket solution for your car, truck or suv.

The Vagabond X from Kuat is a great choice for those carrying mucho gear along with a few bicycles. Built from durable steel, the Vagabond X incorporates a grid basket with fork mounts and wheel trays, killing two birds with one stone. The Vagabondd X also features a integrated cable lock, to secure both your gear and bikes, plus the lockable mounts keep the rack from walking away in the middle of the night. The rack has 160lb load capacity, which is ample enough for some gear and a few road bikes or even a couple mtb bikes, and it fits most factory and aftermarket roof racks. The faring up front will keeps the bugs off, and the wind noise to minimum. Some assembly is required, but thanks to Kuat, a few tools and easy to follow instructions makes assembly a breeze.

The Vagabond X is designed to be a roof rack, but the IBD Tundra is a bit too tall to mount anything on the roof, so onto our custom “above bed” rack it went. Installation was an easy process, grabbed a friend, threw it on the rack, secured it to the bars and we were done. Only took about ten minutes of our time.vagabond x rack

Mounting & Security:
The Vagabond has four mounts, with two lockable and two non-lockable covers. Be sure to put one lockable cover on either end, as shown below. The integrated 9mm cable lock is beefy and will keep thieves away and your gear safe. Kuat also keyed the covers and cable lock the same, so one key will work with the entire system. vagabond x rackDetails:
1. U-bolt and notched mounting bracket provide a secure fit around the round bars.
2. Top cover locks into place securing the Vagabond X to your bars.
3. Easy to tighten u-bolts have finger friendly knobs.
4. Integrated cable lock secures bike and all your gear to basket.vagabond x rack

The Vagabond X comes in at 41″ x 52″, which equates to a ton of space to store your gear. Has a 160lb load capacity, and two bicycle skewer mounts. So carrying your road or mtb bikes is easy, just pull the front wheel, place the fork into the skewer and tighten. For the rear, Kuat supplies a nylon ratchet style strap that you place through the rear wheel and the rear of the basket. We were a little concerned about that, but it didn’t stayed tight after speeding down the freeway at 60mph. FYI, those of you with thru-axles (like our Jekyll, which we couldn’t use) will have to crab a Fork Up from Hurricane Components. In the future, we’d like to see an adapter in the kit for the Vagabond X.
kuat vagabond x

Cable Lock:
The cable lock is beefy, slides out of the right side of the basket, and is long enough to lock up all of your gear and both bikes, see below. Way to go Kuat!!
vagabond x rack by kuat

Bike Mounts:
A few shots of the bike mounts. The skewers are easy to get to and securely hold the forks. The rear nylon strap wraps around everything, and can accommodate all kinds of tires from skinny to fat knobbies.
kuat vagabond x

Final Words:
If you’re in the market for a dual purpose rack for your ride, be sure to check out the Vagabond X from Kuat. It’s capable of carrying lots of gear, a couple bikes and won’t break the bank at $498.00. Need more storage space? Then, you may want to check out the extender, it ads 21″ to the length of the Vagabond X and comes with burly load bars to haul all of your other toys. Thanks to the crew at Kuat for sending us the Vagabond X to test out, we love it.!!

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