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Blaze, The Ultimate Bike Light

The BLAZE Bike Light is a completely new innovation for urban cyclists. It’s a damn good bike light, but it also tackles one of the biggest causes of cycling fatalities – being caught in the blind spot and vehicles turning across an unseen bike.

BLAZE is a front light with super-bright LEDs, but it also projects the symbol of a bike down onto the road ahead of the cyclist. It’s adjustable, but ideally about 5m in front. It alerts road users ahead of the cyclist of their presence, helping to prevent them turning across their path (especially the big ones like buses and trucks!). Making the cyclist more visible and increasing their footprint on the road.

blaze bike light

Another common accident sees drivers pulling out of a side junction into the path of a cyclist, the bike can be right up close but overlooked due to its position; being tucked in closer to the curb. BLAZE’s flashing symbol ahead of the bike warns drivers (in time) that there’s a cyclist approaching, and stops them pulling out. The same applies to pedestrians, people often don’t hear a cyclist coming and step out in front of the bike, warn them you’re coming through!

blaze bike light

BLAZE Specs:
- Power: Current prototypes are using 1500mAh rechargeable lithium cells (though exploring the use of larger cells) and with the LED light plus the laser module on constant, the current prototypes last up to 6 hours. On flashing mode, they will last up to 12 hours. This means if you’re using your light to commute to work for an hour everyday, you’ll probably need to charge it once a fortnight.

- Dimensions and Weight: Our current prototype is a piddly 110 mm long! Super compact! Its aluminium casing and compact internals give it the reassuring weight of quality, yet still being less than 200g.

- Materials: The casing is machined aluminum with a beautiful finish and acid-etched, silver nickel control panels. The prototypes in the video are milled by hand, so the real thing will look even sexier done by machine! Damn right we believe a bike light can be sexy. Especially ours.

- Waterproofing: Yep! All the correct seals are in place to prevent your precious internals being fried in the season’s first downpour… Like water off a duck’s back!

- Brightness: Blimmin’ bright! Currently settling on which LED configuration to use, but the prototypes in the video are using LEDs >90lm/W efficacy, giving >80 lumen.

- Modes: Both the white light and the green laser can be activated independently and both have the option to be flashing. When they are both on flashing mode, it is programmed for them to flash alternately, maximising visibility. The LEDs also have a ‘dim’ mode and it can be used as a torch off the bike.

- Safety: BLAZE contains a neat internal magnetic sensor, so it knows when it’s in its bracket. When you take it off the bike you can use the light on ‘dim’ mode as a torch, but not the laser or LEDs on full beam – as a safety mechanism and also preventing them activating in your backpack and draining the battery!!

blaze bike light

BLAZE is a beautifully designed, high-quality bike light that also aims to significantly improve a cyclist’s visibility and safety!

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