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giro helmets with mips

Giro Helmets With MIPS Technology

GIRO NOW IMPLEMENTING MIPS TECHNOLOGY INTO 5 HELMET MODELS. Giro, one of the leaders in helmet technology is increasing safety and performance on five helmet models by integrating Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology into their designs. MIPS is comprised of three main components: the EPS liner, the Low Friction Liner and an elastomeric attachment…

sam hill meribel world cup final

Sam Hill Meribel World Cup Final

Sam Hill’s ride at the World Cup Final in Meribel France was nothing short of spectacular. Going into his last run he was sitting third only hundredths of second behind the leader. As he shot out the staring gate, Sam picked the perfect line and flew down the big, fast, technical and steep course making up more than second putting him into first place.

vier bike lock

Vier Bike Lock

MEET VIER, A MODULAR BIKE LOCK EVERY URBAN RIDER OR COMMUTER SHOULD OWN. The Vier Bike Lock from newlyweds Allen and Page Young is nice departure from the standard u-lock. U-locks, work great, they’re just a pain in the you know what to carry. That’s where the Vier comes in. It’s a modular bike lock…

gevenalle burd front derailleur

Gevenalle BURD CX Front Derailleur

GEVENALLE BURD, A TOUGH AND AFFORDABLE CX FRONT DERAILLEUR. Cyclocross season is just around the corner, and many of you are probably setting up your cx machine for all the muddy fun. Question is, will your front derailleur stand up to all the abuse? If you’re unsure, or are looking for CX specific set of…

yerka unstealable bike

Yerka Bike

MEET YERKA, THE FIRST BIKE THAT IS IT’S OWN LOCK. Dubbed the “Unstealable Bike” Yerka is the first bike on the market to use it’s own frame as the lock.The idea behind Yerka is to make it harder for thieves to steel your bike. By using the bikes down tube and seat post as part…

biketrails diary

BikeTrails Diary

WRITE YOUR RIDES WITH BIKETRAILS. STOPNOWHERE brings you BikeTrails. It’s a lifestyle diary for those who just love to bike. And a motivating companion for those who always wish to ride. Unlike other diaries, Bike Trails doesn’t just give you space to write but also helps you to keep track of your rides. It includes…

silca superpresta ultimate floor pump

Silca SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump

The SILCA SuperPista has long set the standard of what a bicycle floor pump could and should be. As an object used before almost every ride, a floor pump has the ability to optimize the comfort and handling of your bicycle, to allow you to adjust the way a bicycle feels before a particular ride. They can bring great pleasure of use, or pain, suffering and frustration. A great floor pump must feel good in your hands, operate smoothly and consistently, and be stable under foot, regardless of what shoes you are wearing.


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carbonpro sports review

CarbonPro Sports Review

KEEP CLEAN WITH CARBONPRO SPORTS BICYCLE CARE PRODUCTS. Keeping your bicycle(s) clean is one of the most important factors of bike ownership, however it’s probably the most neglected. Second to only maintenance, keeping your bicycle and it’s components free from dirt and grim will help ensure accurate shifting, proper braking, and extend the life of…

trp 970 eq review

TRP R970 EQ Review

Up Performance & The Cool Factor With A Set of TRP R970 EQ Brakes. The TRP R970 EQ brakes are an ultra light, powerful and cool looking set of aftermarket dual pivot brake calipers. The R970 EQ’s are also extremely versatile thanks to the ratcheting cam style brake release that accommodates up to a 30mm…


XRD SL Saddle Review

Lightweight, Comfy & Cool. The XRD SL Saddle. The XRD SL Saddle from XRD Racing is designed to provide racers and enthusiasts a comfortable, and extremely light solution to riding long hours in the saddle. The carbon fiber injected base along with the carbon rails make the XRD SL tough as nails. Trust me, I’m…