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the breaker multi-tool

The Breaker Multitool by Full Windsor

FULL WINDSOR DOES IT AGAIN WITH THE BREAKER. The Breaker from Full Windsor is a beautifully crafted bicycle multi tool that give you the functionality of a workshop chain breaker in a multi tool. Cast from stainless steel, The Breaker includes a spoke key, a multitude of hex bits, a Philips driver, a 25T torx…

the rider diaires, a chance encounter

The Rider Diaries: A Chance Encounter

THE RIDER DIARIES, A CHANCE ENCOUNTER IS A COOL SHORT FROM THE CREW AT RITTE. Chance Encounter features Poc + Ritte team rider Michael “Pitch” Piccirilli as he explores the hills of Malibu on his Ritte Vlaanderen. While enjoying the road, dirt, and all that the Southern California hills have to offer a beautiful brunette…

tannus puncture proof tires

Tannus Solid Bicycle Tires

TANNUS, THE SOLID PUNCTURE PROOF TIRE. Australian based Tannus manufactures solid non puncture bicycle tires that never go flat so you can always enjoy the ride. Using cutting edge polymer technology, Tannus tires never go flat no matter how many sharp objects you manage to roll over. They’re pretty light too at 380 grams for…

wheels eccentric bottom bracket

Wheels Eccentric Bottom Bracket

NEW FROM WHEELS MANUFACTURING, PF30 ECCENTRIC BOTTOM BRACKETS. Looking to convert your PF/BB30 frame to a single speed for track racing our cruising around town? Then Wheels Manufacturing has got just the ticket. Their new eccentric bottom brackets allow you easily convert you PF/BB30 frame into single-speed without the use of a separate tensioner. Compatible…

fontus water bottle

Fontus Water Bottle

INTRODUCING FONTUS, THE SELF FILLING WATER BOTTLE FOR YOUR BICYCLE. Powered by solar panels, Fontus collects moisture from the air, condenses it and stores it as safe drinking water all while your roll down the road or trail. It’s capable of harvesting .5 liters (16.90 oz) of fresh, clean drinking water every hour, assuming conditions…

strava wars

Strava Wars

AS QUOTED FROM THE MASTER JEDI HIMSELF “ANYTHING IT TAKES TO CLAIM THE KOM BACK, YOU MUST DO. HMMMMMM. STRAVA WARS THIS IS. As the week comes to an end, and the weekend approaches what better way to get you amped up for riding than a cool video. Thanks to Sam Oakes, is just…

indiglo dual handlebar mount

Indiglo Dual Handlebar Mount

MOUNT YOUR GOPRO AND YOUR GARMIN TO THE INDIGLO DUAL HANDLEBAR MOUNT. Following a successful 5 front light campaign on Kickstarter, the Australian startup, Indiglo is at it again with the Indiglo Dual Handlebar Mount. This mount is designed to fit most 31.8mm handlebars on both road, mtb and aero bikes and is capable of…

cool winter mtb shoes

Cool Winter MTB Shoes

KEEP YOUR FEET WARM AND DRY WITH COOL WINTER MTB SHOES. Fall is here and winter is fast approaching, do you have the right set of cool mtb shoes? Those that are prepared are excused, you slackers are required to stay and continue reading. Keeping your feet warm and dry throughout the rainy season, or…

breadwinner arbor lodge

Breadwinner Arbor Lodge

THE ARBOR LODGE FROM BREADWINNER CYCLES IS PERFECT FOR COMMUTING OR TRANSPORTING GOODS. Born in Portland, the strong>Arbor Lodge is inspired by the award-winning porteur designs of BreadWinner Cycles. Stylish, classic and fully integrated with all the features and load-carrying capacity you need for commuting and daily transportation, this Arbor Lodge comes with a large…



VARIBIKE, THE BIKE THAT CAN BE PEDALED WITH YOUR FEET, HANDS OR BOTH. Developed to make cycling even more fun, Varibike has designed a bicycle that provides a full-body workout. The bike’s unique design allows riders to efficiently use either their arms, their legs, or their whole body for cycling. Varibike also comes equipped with…


cool bicycle product reviews
haibike xduro fs rx review

Haibike Xduro FS RX Electric Mountain Bike

E-MOTOR, FULL SUSPENSION, 27.5″ ROLLERS, THE HAIBIKE XDURO FS RX MOUNTAIN BIKE. The Xduro FS RX from Haibike is the newest and most advanced e-mountain bike on the market. It features a hydroformed 6061 aluminum frame, 27.5″ wheels, 120mm travel full suspension and of course Bosch’s mid-drive electric motor that pumps out 350 watts. An…

rodeo labs trail nuggets

Rodeo Labs Trail Nuggets

NATURAL, DELICIOUS & HEALTHY, TRAIL NUGGETS FROM RODEO LABS. Trail Nuggets from Rodeo Labs are all-natural bars made with a combination of simple, healthy and kosher ingredients that you know and can actually pronounce. The bars are raw (not cooked), which is beneficial for cyclists, because raw food has a higher nutrient content and is…

carbonpro sports review

CarbonPro Sports Review

KEEP CLEAN WITH CARBONPRO SPORTS BICYCLE CARE PRODUCTS. Keeping your bicycle(s) clean is one of the most important factors of bike ownership, however it’s probably the most neglected. Second to only maintenance, keeping your bicycle and it’s components free from dirt and grim will help ensure accurate shifting, proper braking, and extend the life of…